Monday, June 28, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Amazing Day!

The creation of the great labyrinth.

The great need for digging!
The great need for creating sand trees.
We all pick up different things from the beach.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 Amazing Day! (Sandra) A tickle in my throat caused me to wake. Or was it the sheep baaaing on the other side of the window? I gargled with some hot saline a few times during this day. After a breakfast of porridge and the 9 a.m. service in the abbey, ‘wee Al’ and I did our household task of cleaning the showers. The cleaning task is fun to do together – many hands make work less. We spent the morning on a beach and made an amazing labyrinth together as a community. The outline was created on the sand, using a walking cane. Then seaweed, rocks, shells, grass, flowers, etc. were selected by everyone to make the outline clear. Then we were invited to walk in and out the labyrinth, contemplating our own lives and picking up a shell to represent this event. A brief reflection discussion ended this amazing experience. In the midst of the creation of this labyrinth the leader of the Swedish group came to me to show me shells representing her family and her tears flowed freely. This was a special moment I will always remember. During the labyrinth creating and many minutes after, Alexander and his friend created a huge drainage system with a ‘digging in the sand’ system. They became totally involved in their creation!
Serendipity is the word to describe the afternoon. Dieter and myself went down to the abbey to listen to a celtic harp concert which had been announced during lunch. The musician was from southern Germany and she played a celtic harp whose name is ‘Iona’ – the same name as the island. Playing in the abbey on the island of Iona had been her dream. This was a magical time. Dieter and I felt like a king and queen being entertained since we had centre front seats. No photos were allowed – all energy was invited to be placed in the enjoyment of the music. Words do not adequately describe this experience.
The evening highlight was the free concert of entertainment. Karannina and I were a part of a group singing ‘My Favourite Things of Iona’ – melody of ‘My Favourite Things’. Eight women representing Canada, U.S.A., the U.K. and Finland were involved. I felt very alive during the practice and the performance. This was truly a grand fun time of connecting with each other and with the audience who appreciated it immensely!
After the evening service in the abbey, we played frizbee with many of the Swedish boys in the field west of the abbey till close to 11p.m. The weather was warm and calm. The coocoo birds in the distance provided great sounds to mimic and have fun with.
My goodness! This was a amazingly FULL day of highlights.

Finding a reward at the centre of the labyrinth.

Creating a cleaning hole for the labyrinth walkers' bare feet.

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