Monday, June 28, 2010

Thursday, June 24, 2010: First Time Communion

The white sands beach pilgrimage. Horrible killing of monks occurred here, and yet this is a beautiful place. We were challenged to reflect on what was horrible in our lives and yet could find beauty within it.
Spectacular beach greenery!

(Karannina). We walk to a beach where the monks were killed by vikings. Though there was so much violence on the beach back then, it's peaceful now - white sand, beautiful water creatures, boulders, and crystal-clear arctic water. After returning back, I continue cross-stitching. Lunch is butternut squash soup. More cross-stitching! Then Mom and I pack and sort through the shells and rocks we found on Iona. We join the wee sing group - in preparation for the communion service this evening. Supper is next. I am the only teenager at the table - everyone else is an adult! Sloppyjoes is what we ate. Afters (dessert) is pear and... BELGIAN CHOCOLATE SAUCE!!! Dad did some decorating with the chocolate sauce - even on Fran's arm - I'll let dad describe it better.

(Dieter) That's a chocolate lover's secret. If you really want to know, email me:)

(Karannina) After the communion service Alexander, Dad and I played rugby with the Swedish teenager guys. I caught most of the throws - Dad says he's never seen a girl like me, catch a rugby like I did, before. It was really easy - all you do is keep your eye on the ball. If it comes to you, prepare to catch it.

Seven Crosses - Iona

Communion in the Abbey
Ghosts at the reflectory in Iona.

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