Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010: A Sad Day

Friday, June 25, 2010 (Karannina): This is a very sad day as we need to leave all the new friends we made at Iona who are dispersing all around the world. As we go down to the ferry, we wave goodbye and give hugs to the many Iona volunteers. At the mainland, we say goodbye and give hugs to the friends we made before we separate, some leaving by bus, bike, and car. We begin our journey to Inverness, a big city near the Loch Ness. Apologies, I did not see any monsters in Loch Ness. But dad claims he did (he's trying to trick me - I think he has been driving too much and the sun is burning his brain). The landscape is very similar to the drive to Iona - the landscape is very enchanting, with the beautiful deep lochs along the route. We watch the Brazil and Portugal game (soccer) in our hotel in Inverness. Finally tv again after one week of no technologies.

Alex super sleuth discovers an ancient carved stone with a symbol of the trinity.
Waves of goodbye as the ferry door closes.
Yorkshire longhorns.

Got to do some more beach combing Dad!

Resurfacing of the single carriage roads.

Yum, jellyfish...

Bye to Iona and the enchanted Western shores of Scotland.

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