Monday, June 28, 2010

Tuesday, June 22: Pilgrimage day

Sister Ann went on the on-road pilgrimage with the group that Mom was a part of. She had a need for speed:)
People that Mom had lunch with and a wonderful interesting chat.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010 (Alexander). After breakfast we do chores then we go to the off road pilgrimage. This is a hike off the road through 4 stops: view of the sea, marble quarry, lunch/beach and snack. 1 stop view of the sea with a light house who wrote the book Treasure Island. 2 the Iona marble quarry with the digging tools from the 1700's. The marble has a mixture of green and marble coloured rock. I found a couple polished ones by the sea. 3 lunch was good sandwiches. I found a rock with hole with crystals inside so I tired to crack it open but was to hard so I still haven't opened it since. 4 snack is where the to gropes meet the off road and on road. and there we have flat jacks and juice. then we walk back to MacCleod centre and play DSI with my friend Quint. then we go to the hotel to go online to do some emailing.then we go back and have supper then to the Abbey service 9pm then to sleep.

The old marble pit.

The southern most part of Iona.

Rock climbing.

The pilgrimage hike - wonderful time with 30 others. We were the youngest members.

We are way ahead with the promise of tea and cookies just around the bend.

Playing DSI with Quint.

What a long exhausting day - the pilgrimage made everyone tired except for me.

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