Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010:Staffa Island,Ceilidh, Dun'i

The four young women that were in mom and Karannina's room.
Off to Staffa island.
Lady Di and sister Fran. :)

Monday, June 21, 2010 (Alexander). We wake up in the mourning run downstairs to a wonderful Breakfast of porridge and toast. Then we skip to church for the 9am service. Then we do our chores [cleaning the toilets] so me and mom work together. After we take a boat ride to Staffa Island the end of the giants causeway. They say it is only 56million years old and Iona has some of the oldest rocks in the world. the way we see different animals:minke whales, seals and jellyfish. Once we land we walk to the path to Fingal's cave. Here we sing some songs: row row row our boat and Dona Nobi Pachem. The acoustics are really good echoing. Next we hike to the top of Staffa Island. here we see puffins flying everywhere. over our heads and landing right next to us. Some with fish in their mouths and some without. we hear the sound of our boat signaling us to go back to the boat to leave. and so we leave and go back to Iona. we get back and have supper then the 9pm service then go to the Ceilidh [dancing concert]. We have fun dancing over the floor of the town hall till 11:30 when it is over. Then we head back to the Macleod centre put our jackets on and go to the hill of Dun'i to see the sunset of the longest day of the year then we drag ourselves down the hill half awake and crash into our beds.
11:59 p.m. sunset off the Dun'I (600 metres above sea level).

Staffa Boat ride

Giant's causeway - rock formation in the form of a pentagon shape (5 sided).

Staffa Island

Fingel's cave where Mendelsohn wrote an opera.

Look, a puffin!

Off to Staffa Island.

The Iona Abbey.

Evening healing service in the Abbey.

First sunset, facing east (Mull).

St. Martin's cross from the inside of St. Columba's chapel.

Playing with my friend Quint (from Maryland, USA).

Scottish Ceilidh.

Fingel's cave - amazing acoustics - crazy singing.

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