Friday, June 4, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010: We get to dress up!

Thursday, June 17, 2010 (Karannina): This morning I started off with a 'nice' sore throat (Grrrrr!). Wait, it gets better: we watch Top Gear right after breakfast! (Not the normal thing we do at home after breakfast.) Then we make our own way to the Scottish museum (not another one!) by car. The only exciting and fun place was the 1st floor. It had lots of hands-on activities like controlling a space-like robot around obstacles, instead of staring at old things that were found... "Somewhere over the rainbow..." :) The rest of the museum I followed mom, never taking the info in to my head - it had already said: INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!!! I was yawning a lot too. Alexander and Dad went somewhere in the museum. We had a problem: where were we to meet up (we hadn't planned this). Fortunately for us the fire alarm went off - we followed the green signs (first time we use these signs) 'til we were directed to the entrance. And that's where we found them, munching on Pringles (crisps/potato chips) and drinking Irn Bru (a Scottish pop). We went straight to the Library where we did some hands-on activities and were the first ones to look at their new exibition about golf (you can even play golf in this small exhibition!). We find the place in Edinburgh that some lawyers walk around with wigs on their heads - talking to other lawyers about a crime. Alexander and Dad find a church showing a filmed tour the church does every week. Very interesting history! As we drive back home we see that some traffic lights weren't working - policemen and policewomen direct the traffic - and quite a few roads were being worked on. We (the 4 of us and Michela's family) dress up for eating out (in a restaurant). We find a family run Italian restaurant. I choose Penne, chicken with a tomato pesto sauce and share with Alexander Speciale, a fruit, whipped cream and ice cream bowl - we got to choose 4 different scoops of ice cream! The we travel back home and pack for Iona.

The modern looking Parliament building in Scotland.

Alex's and Dad's need for speed. Sir Jackie Steward - winning 3 grand prix.

Hey, who says that need for speed is only for men!

Touch and interact :)

Heads are going to roll. Don't like someone, well, get at least three others who agree with you, find a behaviour you don't like about the person, and then tell the magistrate to see if we can get that person on the chopping block list- it's that easy.

Not going to tell us your secrets! No problem. Let's try these thumb clamps. They can read your mind.

Pastors during the reformation had to hide in order not to get caught. Here is a typical mask used by one pastor who would preach with it on so that his identity was protected.

The Covenantors another name for anabaptists in Scotland. Many were persecuted and were burned at the stake.

Cool ceiling typical of some of the early Venetian ceiling (from Venice) - what is this doing in Scotland?

Did you know we have blue blood? Not sure if I really want to be a princess given all the responsibilities, cold castle walls, loneliness. Need I say more...

Who's this? This is Hot Stuff. Nothing like "Hands-on" welding on the old shipyards.

Lit'l Alek playin' his pipes.

So which train moves faster. The one on the air track or the one on the rail track? Blue train blurring into the distance.

Dad has to race no matter what. Watch out for that corner!!

I am the strongest!

Mom getting her maximum intense information overload.

He said he was Canadian Scottish. Most have been the Scottish Canadian whiskey.

Where are we? Map skill training.

Trunk Monkeys - every car needs one or two or ...

Italian Sprite - a little on the resque side?

Seafood platter for mom and dad.

My penne meal.

Our dessert extravaganza.

Dressed up and enjoying each other's company in an italian resturaunt.

What else can I say! It was good!

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