Friday, June 4, 2010

Wednesday, June 16, 2010: Another Edinburgh Day

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 (Sandra): Our world is an amazing place to live and to study and the Dynamic Earth represented this with the Big Bang theory, the Antarctic, Great Ocean Life and an awesome Astrology experience in a planetarium dome. We enjoyed this with Mark and Sharyn and Michela. We enjoyed a simple lunch at the ‘Food Chain’ cafeteria in the big Dynamic Earth dome. A baked potato jacket with cheese and a lettuce salad was consumed by myself and thus contributed to the human food chain. Its gift shop was awesome! We went through a few free museums along the Royal Mile street. Entering the great hall of the Court of lawmakers was amazing – we saw a judge wearing his wig and gown and numerous lawyers having discussions in the great hall. The walls were filled with portraits and sculptures of well-known Scottish people of the law.
A great highlight was the St. Mary Close Underground. An entertaining female guide ‘in costume’ and in deep Scottish accent, guided us through the underground labyrinth and back in time of 400 years ago. The lifestyle was totally unsanitary. The plague took its toll. The darkness was everywhere since so many people were crowded within tiny places within 12-14 storey apartment buildings.
A delicious evening meal of prawn curry and rice was prepared by Mark. Once again a football (soccer) game was enjoyed on the ‘tele’.
Some word trivia learned today: cardi – cardigan; nappies – diaper; wellies – rain boots (be careful not to say ‘willies’ since this will cause eyebrows to raise!!!); ‘gurrning’ – a group in Britain who simply get together to make funny faces – try it – we have and have thoroughly enjoyed this past time!!
Dynamic Earth - here to learn how we can make a difference to our planet.
Dynamic Earth Superheros - ready to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Interactive Dynamic Earth flight into the future.

We can make the difference.

Interactive journey to the centre of the earth.

Interactive moments.

Ouch! Let go of us!

Dieter's long lost cousin...both writers at heart.

We all live in the yellow submarine...

An older area of Edinburgh.

Old water pipes out of wood.

Another way to tour the city.

Karannina's new fashion outlet store.

An interesting underground tour of Mary King's Close (1500's). The city as it was during the plague. Currently covered by dirt and newer buildings.

Feeling Peckish (a little hungry)?

journaling with little Michele.

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