Monday, June 28, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010: Taking the Ferries to the Fairyland

Friday, June 18, 2010 (Karannina). At 5:30 am we start our 7 hour drive to Iona. We need to leave early to make sure we reach the three ferries in time. We visit a number of beaches and beach comb. Alexander finds a pearl! Many stranded jellyfish are dried on the rocks. They are really just jelly - I touched one. From the first ferry we saw a huge 20 foot long colourful jellyfish gliding in the water. The second ferry, Alex and I got to go into the helm of the ferry (where the captain controls the ship). The ferry was equipped two GPS's and number of other electronic tools for navigation. On the third ferry, we had to leave the car behind and walk on as pedestrians. Finally we touch Ionaian ground with our heavy packs. We walked, and walked, and walked til we could walk no longer. My arms were longer from carrying the pack. Dad was a whole inch shorter as a result of carrying three packs - he is our wonderful steed (donkey). We discover at the centre that we are here one day too early! They are not ready for us. They are so generous and understanding, finding a way to accommodate our needs for one night. Iona needs no lawnmowers - sheep are the cheaper way. The island of Iona is shaped like a Christmas stocking, about seven miles long and 2 miles wide. The only way off this island is swimming in the arctic water. We are stuck here for the next seven days. I wonder what will become of us over the next week and who will be our bunk mates.

No wonder Scotland has many myths and legends - it is a fantasy land with all its rolling hills, moors, islands, and greenery.

Baaaaaa, I want to go swimming mommy!

What's that?

Take one more step backward, dad...heh heh heh...

Look at all the gadgets.

lMom: Let me in too!

Where are we?

Oh no! We are ship wrecked - Skipper, where are you?

I think Alexander's house has lost its roof. That silly old wolf.

Jello anyone?

Scratch and sniff - yum yum...

Salty - yum yum yuck!

What does this thing do... ZAP! Wool manufactoring plant. They make cool clothing - 500GBP too cool for us.

(Pull) uh... dad...

Don't touch that Alex!

This is the thing that goes back and blah blah blah blah...I mean baa, baa, baa

A little wind blown look. The current style of the Ionaians.

There's a (holey) ghost in the car.

I'm ticking potton cails.

Looking for magic stones.

BEEP! BEEP! - get out of the way sheep! BUMP!! - Anyone for road kill mutton :)

Everyone - don't sneeze!

It's too narrow - I'm walking - you guys can drive!

ooh! Are those gloxfoves?

Rock climbing the easy way.

Long walk to Iona Abbey and thankfully someone was there! We were not expected until tomorrow.

Fantasy Land - almost at Iona.

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