Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010: A Day in Salzburg

(Sandra) A Day in Salzburg! A beautiful, scenic drive of nearly 2 hours brought us to Salzburg. Scenic drive included: flower-filled meadows, horses and young foals and interesting 'cookie cutter' style brown/white cattle, castles and look-out towers and huge 'top-heavy' wooden alpine barn and home arrangements scattered throughout the lushous green mountain sides, snow-capped mountains and gorges in the mountains, awe-inspiring waterfalls cascading and plummeting down the mountainside, rolling hills and numerous tunnels to drive through which Alexander is keeping track of for Switzerland, Italy and Austria. Does that put a picture in your mind? Upon arriving in Salzburg, and parking our car, we needed to take care of our hunger needs. Thanks to our Rick Steves guidebook, we found a cool fish and chips restaurant next to the river. Huge trunks of trees growing out of the roof were a part of the decor of this restaurant - amazing! This site had been the place where fish had been traded in the past. We then walked to the residence of Mozart - Mozart's Wohnhaus Museum. With the help of an English audioguide, we learned about the life of Mozart. It was interesting to learn that many of the cities which we have traveled were traveled by Mozart and his father so many years ago. Books stacked up from the floor to the ceiling revealed how many items Mozart composed - a great visual learning technique. His life had a sad ending though. After this intense experience we did some scaufensterbummeling or window licking (French) of the old town of Salzburg which was not damaged during WWII. People hear say, "Gruss Gott" as a greeting. Unique shops: hat, books, wooden toys, games and carvings; jewelry, crystal, candy, Austrian clothing of dirndles and ledderhosen, those infamous Austrian hat with a feather (even the military wear these hats with their camouflage uniforms), and of course the famous and gaudy Mozart chocolate shops. Dieter found a shop with metal/glass wares and bought a beer stein and goblets - all with a unique story which the elderly shop owner explained. At the market we bought 3 different types of huge pretzels and we each enjoyed a wurst with bun and mustard. We ate these in the Austrian style - one hand for the wurst and the other hand for the bun. The drive home was just as enjoyable as the ride out to Salzburg. A perfect ending of ping pong and fussball in the gameroom of the castle which we are sharing with two young men from Sweden.

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