Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 Castle Tour/Europe's Largest Waterfall

Tuesday, May 18, 2010 (Alexander). I woke up this morning thinking about the perfect strategy for winning against daddy in fuzzball. After breakfast of tea, buns, cereals, yogurt, and eggs, Karannina and I read the history of the castle, while daddy works on his research. This castle was built in the 11th century for taking taxes and tolls. It is located at the crossroads of two important roadways where four valleys meet. People traveling to sell their products (spices, salt, furs, cloth, silk, etc.) had to pay taxes and tolls to the nobility for crossing their land. Also at the castle, witches were captured and hung them in pots suspended from the ceiling of the knife tower under the floor of the chapel in a pot (because the religious people believed that if the witches had their two feet on the ground, they would have power). Later, a noble man purchased the castle and hosted people like Henry Ford (the FORD founder), Margaret - Queen of the Netherlands, Clark Gabel (a famous movie star) and many others. During WWII the Secret Service occupied this castle and made many decisions here. Heinrich Himmel was stationed here. Also, one time lightening struck the castle and burned it down all the way to the first floor. Another time, an earth quake split the garden in half (which is on a big rock as well). In the afternoon, we drove to Kimmel to play with water. I especially liked the water spraying labyrinth. If you stepped on the wrong square, a jet of water would spray at you. I sometimes stepped on the wrong square and got wet. Then we hiked up to 1490 metres to the top of Kimmel Waterfalls (fifth tallest in the world and biggest in Europe). During our hike, I discovered fools gold, crystal, jade, and quartz. Once we got to the top, it started snowing. Daddy and I made yellow snow. After getting down to the car, our legs felt like jello and didn't want to move anymore - they were screaming for oxygen. On our ride back to the castle, mommy and daddy got us to stop at various places to have our pictures taken - do we really have too? (Viking ship, the forest god carving, the snow making jet machines). Was it ever good to get back to our castle - although I am not sure about that ping-pong ghost.

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