Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010: If I had a Million Dollars...

Thursday, May, 23, 2010 (Karannina): We started this day in a fantastic way: crepes for breakfast. Journal work takes up the next chunk of time. Then we drive to Verona and do some Schaufensterbummeling in the old part of town filled with very expensive shops: Gucci, Rolex, Ambercombie and Fitch, and other names we are not familiar with. After buying over 2 million dollars of items (minus 2 million dollars), we buy delicious gelati: limone, amerena (red berry sauce and frozen yogurt), malata (rum and raisin), cafe, panna cotta, and licorice. As people walked by, we see the many fashions and make numerous comments. The murano glass displays were too tempting. We bought some, knowing that we would not see these prices again. Hunger pangs brought Alexander and Dad to buy a very colourful fruitcup. It was deliciously sweet! The strawberries in the fruit cup made me want more. We find a Familia (grocery store) and buy chocolate and candy sweets, since we weren't able to find a specific candy shop: Sweet Sweet Way. Upon returning to our apartment, we prepared and enjoyed my ultimate favourite pasta, tortellini! Alexander, as usual, finds a novel way to taste his tortellini - up your nose! He says it tastes good afterwards - ratatouille.

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