Monday, May 31, 2010

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010: hike, Walk, RUN!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 (Karannina): After having some self time, we drive on over to Sabrina and Oliver's house. There with Tante Karin, Onkel Klaus, Sabrina, and Oliver, we drive to a hiking spot. We hike through a pine forest, the ground covered with feather-like grass, pine cones, butterflies fly around, bees, buttercups grow on the side of the trail, dandelions, stinging nettle, ferns, big long stacks of long pine logs every now and then, and you can take a deep breath of pine air. From the hiking spot, we drove a little ways to a tower, newly built. We climbed up the fire escape stairs to the highest point. As we climbed up the stairs - not that secure - it vibrated and swayed slightly. I really freaked out as we climbed higher and higher - the stairs were see though! It was hard not to look down! Even though I am afraid of heights I made it to the top! At the top the fire escape window had been broken. The glass had not been cleaned up yet. By the looks of the tower and the building - still being constructed - the owner must have gone bankrupt. We drove back to Sabrina and Oliver's house to have a BBQ lunch! The wursts and the marinated pork steaks tasted DELICIOUS!!! I really enjoyed the herb dip (like tzatziki sauce) on the bread!!! After lunch we had a strawberry cake. It was really DELICIOUS!!! Alexander and I learned how to play croquet with my Dad's help. We played one game Alexander in first place, Dad in second, and me in third. :( We drove home and watched 2010 South Africa (Soccer). Since Canada is not participating :(, we then cheer for Germany :). Germany 3-1 against Bosnia Herzigova! Go, Germany! Go!

Oliver - our fearless leader showing us the way!

My cool Onkel Klaus - was super to have him along on the walk!

Psst - watch out for the forest monster...

Piles of wood - huge logs! And Alex will wittle this down to a toothpick with his Swiss Army Knife :)

Look! There's a butterfly!

Trek, trek, trek.

Onkel Klaus

Yum! Tasty!

Hmmm... what is that?

Top of the tower


Lunch is on the table!

Hello Sabrina and Tante Karin!

I'm first! I'm first! I'm first!

... and hit!

Playing frizbee with Tante Karin

Strawberry cake - mmmmm!


Tante Karin

Onkel Klaus

I always thought there was something special between dad and Tante Karin. Now I know - Can you spot Tante Karin in Dad's eye? (photo taken by me)

Sabrina and Oliver have painted their house a different colour. Don't you think it looks nice?

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