Monday, May 31, 2010

Friday, June 4, 2010: Fly high! :) or Get high! :(

Friday, June 4, 2010 (Karannina): Evening: We took a bus to the Rue - means the expensive street - while there was a festival going on. It was more for adults - alcoholic drinks. But there were some non-alcoholic drinks. At the beginning of the Rue, we watched some Spanish dancing (females). One of the dancers was about my age - 13 or 14. I would love to learn some Spanish dancing with Mom. I really like how the skirts fly as the dancer spins! Next were some jazz dancers - about my age. I never knew what jazz dancing was - now I know! Suddenly Alexander said, "Mommy, the money (all the Euro coins we had left) is burning a hole in my pocket!". So, we stopped at one of the drink stands there and Alexander and I chose a 0,5 l plastic cup filled with green coloured lime and citron juice (€5), Tante Karin chose a 0,3 l plastic cup filled with pink watermelon juice mixed with white wine (€4), and Dad and Mom chose a 0,5 l plastic cup filled with yellow pineapple juice mixed with white wine (€6). We had to pay an extra €1 for the cup if - we were given a ticket per cup so we could give the cup back and get our €1 back. We walked along the street until we saw a small ferris wheel. There - Dad, Alexander, and I - chose to have on ride (€2 per person). We saw that the small ferris wheel was run by three gypsies. As we went up (on the small ferris wheel) I looked down - yikes! We were high above ground - not as high as a big ferris wheel, but still scary for people who are afraid of heights! I got used to it - eventually. We went around - how many times! Ten at least! We walked through a no-alcohol park - for young adults (age -18). There were police there - to make sure that the young adults don't break the rules. We think we saw two policemen writing down some names and talking to some young guys - maybe they broke the rules? We also saw three young girls talk to the policemen. Dad said he saw the policemen/women giving out juice to a young couple talking to them. I saw a policeman playfully elbow the young man - seemed like they were laughing at something. We walk a bit farther and see flying chairs (a ride). Mom asked Alexander and I if we wanted to have a go on the flying chairs - Alexander chickened out, but I didn't. I've wanted to go on flying chairs - it seems like a lot of fun! We (Mom and I) paid (€3 per person) for our ride and came just in time to sit in a flying chair. Oh! Was that FUN!!! It was scary the first few circles - but I got used to it right away after that. I challenged my fear and stuck out my arms like a bird. Easier said than done: At first only my brain wanted to do it, then - as if my nerve connection was rusty - slowly my arms followed my instructions. I did it so many times after that - I wonder why Mom wasn't doing it...

Mom and I really enjoyed the thrill! IT WAS A BLAST!!!! I feel like going on that ride again!
We walked to the bus stop where we would be taken from here to home. (It was already 9pm/21:00. The sun was still high in the sky!) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Water balloon play in the afternoon in the hot sun! - I got Alexander soaked!!! :) :) :)

Karannina: "Psssst! Let's throw this one at Dad, O.K.?"

"The wheels on the bus go round and round! Round and..."

Alexander: "Dad, will she fly away with that many balloons?"

Tina Turner [hard rock music]

Karannina: "€1.20... €2.50..."

Look at the bright colours: green, yellow, and red!

Karannnina: "Hmmmm.... that flag (left) represents South Africa.... that flag (middle) represents Germany..... and that flag (right) represents Italy! Am I correct?"

Karannina: "The original - yeah right! Wrong! There is no original hot dog!"

Mom: "I like... that one."

Karannina: "...and I like this one too."

One of the small ferris wheel chips - like a ticket.


Tante Karin found a Lady bug after the small ferris wheel ride

Mom: "... and now put your left foot out..."

Alexander: "Karannina, that does not look like you are playing a flute!"

Karannina and Mom: "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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