Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday, May 23, 2010: Salzburg Freilicht Museum

Sunday, May 23, 2010 (Sandra): After enjoying our last breakfast and saying goodbye to the schloss, we travel for 2 hours to the Salzburg Freilicht Museum. The numerous buildings on a large piece of land demonstrated the Austrian rural way of living from the past many 100's of years. We walked from building to building to see typical kitchens, dining rooms, storage rooms, bedrooms, school rooms, etc. We saw how the barns were often attached to the houses. We climbed many old, worn, wooden stairs to see bedrooms with simple bed frames filled with staw mattresses and feather blankets and pillows. Clothing hanging in these rooms were few and had few colours. Many features of the buildings and the way of life were similar to the museums we have back in Manitoba. The weather was simply perfect for a day such as this - being outside. We enjoyed a simple lunch in the museum of schnitzel mit pomme and wurst mit kraut. This museum would have been improved with live people demonstrating the different drafts, activities and music. Apparently they include this during the peak tourist season which begins within a week or so.
We continued our eastern journey onto Vienna, a 3 hour drive. We met wonderful Mennonite Your Way people who know some people who we also know in Manitoba. We enjoyed an evening visit with these warm, welcoming people.

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