Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010: Down Day

(Dieter). Finally a break from all my research writings. Today is a quiet day as we try to catch up with all our blogs, the children finish their homework assignments, Sandra and I find time to upload all our pics and write these blogs. Seems that we are two weeks behind schedule. A few games of fuzzball and ping pong and then a surprise as a red Lotus pulls up the castle ramp, followed by a wedding party and photographer. Sandra and Alex take a break to capture a video of the castle entrance. Karannina and Sandra spend a little time playing piano while Alexander and I head to the waterfall to do some beach combing and water rerouting. Alex finds a vein of what we think is graphite. Slippery or what and he enjoys sliding down the mountain on a field of graphite. Time to pack as we head further into Austria - tomorrow's destination - Vienna.

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