Thursday, May 27, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010: Vienna Music: Past, Present, and Future

Rum Sacher Torte
The 'Original' Sacher Torte
This is .... Mozart.
Does this picture make your mouth water?

Street musicians singing English songs
Conducting Vienna's Orchestra
Conducting Vienna's Orchestra
Brain Orchestra
Entrance to the Opera House of Vienna
A composer's name and signature on the big sidewalk near Vienna's Opera House.

Drinking ananas & kokos milkshake (pinapple & coconut milkshake)
Eating Sacher Tortes
That's .... uh ... Mozart.
A fertility pillar on a church.

Spray painting

Special women's washroom that was used in the past for gathering people to listen to poetry being read. Very fancy! Very 50cents-worth:) See our smiles?

One of Chopin's homes.
Street musicians
A hot fast car
different sounds from the words spoken when stepping on the moon to the sound of a fart:)
Look who's next to Mozart!

Do you see Schubert's glasses in the glass case?
futuristic conducting.
Brain Orchestra
Eating wursts and Doner Kebabs - our favorite street food!

First thing, we head to the Wien Opera for our very first debut. Then line up on the square to get our pictures taken with the Stars (Mahler, Strauss). Our performance and meeting with the stars was so exhausting that we had to have a Viennese Sacha Torte with a pineapple-coconut milkshake. By chance, I got to meet Mozart in person. I gave him a wedgy and he put me into a headlock. I managed to get out of the headlock and ran to the old St. Stephan’s church for refuge, but was surprised by the modern light show with multi-coloured laser show. On the way out of the cathedral, I was surprised to see two columns in the entrance, both displaying fertility symbols (one male and one female). With my green Austrian Tirol hat and my sister beside me, we got to meet the Gösser beer draft team (two horses pulling a wagon of beer barrels). With my nose plugged, I watched artists spray paint futuristic scenes. We go to a fancy washroom in the middle of the old town with chandeliers built by a chemical owner that was used to advertise his product in the 1800’s. Looks like mommy and Karannina had a good time. From Chopin to American artists, we enjoyed various street performances. Karannina finds her favorite roadster (but we can mail it home – we can’t find a big enough box). Later in the evening we go the HausMusik Museum were I again meet Mozart and play cards. Daddy and I listen to various sounds, I hear the stages of Beethoven’s deafness over his last few years, and I see Schubert’s spectacles (I was amazed to find out that he never own his own piano). Nina and I got the surprise of our life. We both got to conduct the famous Wien Philharmonic Orchestra. To end the evening, we play Brain Opera – futuristic music that is believed to happen in the future (finger motion activated conducting). At 2200 hour, we have supper on the streets, enjoying a wurst and a Doner wrap that completes the day.

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