Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010: Spirits Soaring Again

(Dieter). What a wonderful day full of experiences. We began the day worshiping with others in a Swiss Mennonite Church, dating back to the 1500's. What was so delightful was the simple structure of the church (no opulence), yet the beauty of four part harmony with full congregational singing. Even though most of the service was in Switzerdeutsch or French, there was a sense of community as we sang together, familiar hymns. There after we enjoyed a time of fellowship in the basement with drinks and food. Wine was part of the hospitality. We met with various members of the church and have been invited to a supper later in the week, a tour of the archives of the Swiss Mennonite with artifacts back to the 1570's, a trip to the hidden caves were earlier, Mennonites met in secret to worship together. We were then invited to lunch at Sven Schiediger's parents (absolutely delicious and wonderful hospitality) and enjoyed learning about the history of the Swiss Mennonites from Ulrich, who was the leader of the church and the mayor of the community. Sven took us to his brother's dairy farm and we saw the preparations of milking cows. After lunch we drove Sven back to his apartment and had a wonderful tour of the valley were he grew up. We got to see his home were he has often called us from. Interesting to see the many books he has on his shelves. Then back to our home over one of the highest mountains in the area 1237 metres.

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