Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010: Fossils, Forest Equipment, and Fertilizing

Monday, May 3, 2010 (Alexander). We had extremely limited food selection for breakfast so we zoomed to the grocery market in the next town. I discovered that most of the products were from Switzerland, except for honey which came from Winnipeg, Canada (Bee-Maid) and peanut butter imported from the USA. As soon as we to our farm house, we meet the local cow breeder. In the back of his wagon he had a sealed container with dry ice to keep the sperm from Suisse Semmental bulls (Swiss breed known for their meat) at -317C (that is very cold). We asked for permission to watch the breeder to artificially inseminate the young cow. We walked through the stable to see all the cows. One cow was head locked. The farmer held up the tail, while the breeder put on one glove on the right hand and shoved it in the cow's vagina up to his elbow. Then he grabbed the 3 foot long syringe from the inside of his long boot and inserted it into the cow to release the sperms. This was fascinating. On the way out of the stable the calfs were jumping around and chasing each other. As they ran the door they slid across the concrete floor on slippery manuer. Then we do homework and have lunch. In the evening, while mommy and Karannina do more homework, dad and I go for a hike to find fossils in the rocks in the forest on one mountain peak (1282 metres above sealevel). I got to climb on a cross-country grooming tractor with tracks. And I climbed up a John Deere tree buncher. I found two fossils and many wild dafodils that I picked for mom and dad to enjoy.

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