Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010: Cheese, Chocolate, and Fresh Milk

Tuesday, May 4, 2010 (Alexander): We had our only waffle breakfast for our trip this morning. Karannina completes her homework and then we drive over a mountain into a valley to Sven's mom and dad's place (Annie and Ulrich Scheidigger). Mrs. Scheidigger takes us to Camille Bloch, a Swiss chocolate factor store. We taste the new chocolate product Chocolat Mousse (60 percent chocolate) and we buy lots of chocolate for our trip and some for gifts to give to family back home (I don't think the gift chocolate will last, because Karannina and I really love this chocolate. By the way, I discovered that I hate really sweet chocolate - like the stuff in Canada). Next we go to the Tete du Moin cheese shop where they make this specialty cheese that we ate at Tante Karin's place during Christmas (thanks to Tante Karin and Onkel Klaus for introducing us to this cheese!). We are trying fresh cheese (bijou d'or - the jewel of gold). After sampling and buying the cheeses (Villereve, Tomme monible, chaux d' Abel, Tete du Moin), we go to the Sven's brother's dairy farm (the place where the milk goes for cheese). I was surprised to taste the fresh milk from the cow's utter. It tasted sweet, creamy, and warm. The milk came from Swiss cows. After tasting the fresh milk, we go back to Annie and Ulrich Scheidigger's home for a cheese fondue. This was a wonderful experience, being my first time having a Swiss cheese fondue. After supper we shared Torino chocolates from Camille Bloch, look at history books Swiss Mennonites, and show our travel blog to them. Then off to home to sleep.

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