Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010: Austria Calling

(Dieter) After some 100 tunnels and 6 hours driving, we find ourselves in the roof top of Austria, in a very quiet Schloss of Mittersel. Nestled on top of a precipice some 500 metres above the valley floor, we find our new home. No one is there. The doors are all locked. However, the gate and heavy doors are open, so we enter. After a number of unsuccessful phone calls, a man appears and invites us in. He is the librarian of the theological centre here and came to make a phone call (?). Perfect timing. We find our way through the 200+ rooms, as we are the only inhabitants, with exception of the ghosts... We settle in for the night, and reflect on the day's journey, happy to be in a warm bed, overlooking the valley below and the lights twinkling along the river. Oh, did I mention that we saw Otzi, the ice-man- what an amazing story and museum (sorry - no pics allowed). And enjoyed gelatti...

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