Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010 Homework/Impromptu ipod Dancing

(Sandra) Another homework day and packing for our travels to the next country tomorrow. A day in Salo for Dieter. The three of us used the computer to record homework assignments. Alexander's focus was the comical Berlin zoo animals which we enjoyed two months ago. Karannina's focus began as a record of all that she misses from home and what she will no longer take for granted as a result of this travel. However, it evolved into a focus of the reformation history/anabaptist history and how our fellowship is structured or not structured as a result of this history. Deep discussions of questions and answers regarding faith and its history from Europe to Russia to North America and South America took up the afternoon - precious time! The evening meal was gnocchi and ratatouile (from a tin) and a lettuce salad. Zesty limone gelati ended the evening sweetly. Oh, I can't forget the impromptu ipod dancing that we enjoyed as breaks inbetween working sessions.

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