Monday, May 31, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010: Mad King's Disease: Opulence, Mystery, and Isolation:

(Dieter). So why did they call King Ludwig mad? Three castles designed and lavishly decorated in any one of Richard Wagner's operatic themes. And the throne room - unbelievable (but not photograph-able), from the most amazing chandelier in the form of a crown and the pope's hat to the imagery of the 12 most significant kings (not disciples) on the walls below the image of Christ as king of all in the ceiling. And a fourth castle in the plans...

Had to have that first-hand experience.

A typical Bavarian dirndl on a Bavarian wannabe.
Ludwig's second castle - the castle to which he would often retreat to, to get away from his two other castles.
Absolutely stunning gardens and water works. What's this thing with guys and water anyway?
Typical northern Bayern head gear. Great for those rainy days.
Love to come back here during the full bloom.

The grotto - Ludwig's man-made cavern with stalagmites, water, the first wave pool, first electric lights in Bavaria, paintings, waterfalls, ... built after a Richard Wagner's opera.
Ludwig's Japanese tea room.
A very attractive tall prince - Ludwig.
Original operatic piece by Richard Wagner - sponsored by King Ludwig.

Richard Wagner - a guest and sponsored artist of King Ludwig.The view of the royal hunting lodge - decorated in the theme based on Wagner's opera.
I think we caught a bit of mad Ludwig's disease. Opulence is so not us.
Neuschwanstein castle in the background, between the towers of Ludwig's second castle - Hohenschwangau. Here he sat, anxiously awaiting and watching through a telescope on the third floor, the development of his prized building over 9 years.

Easy guys! The water here may come from a castle, but I am not sure about its quality.
Still trying to get used to the freedom to have "open" picnics in Europe. Wine is considered part of many meals here during lunch.
Views that royalty could afford. I'd much sooner enjoy the freedom found outside the frames of this castle, a freedom that many nobility could not afford - ironic.
Curious what Alex is thinking.
Hohenschwangau - the second of three castles belonging to King Ludwig.

One of those special moments when the sun decides to peak out between two clouds and display its power over a man-made structure. What is more splendid?
Time to release some pent up energies.

Probably our most favorite wine thus far!

Playing of a herdi-gerdie instrument from the early 16th century.

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