Monday, May 31, 2010

Sunday, May 30, 2010: Neumuhle

Sunday, May 30, 2010 (Sandra): This photos explain a great portion of the day. I'll simply put in a few details and a few more highlights.
The payment for the pension in Reutte was more than 20 Euros less than I had expected - Yeah!
During the 3 hour travel from Reutte, Austria to Neumuhle we enjoyed singing harmony to camp songs, especially the song which Rick put together, Make Me and Instrument... The scenery was simply spectacular, especially since we all knew that this would be our last time to see this: majestic alps, green rolling hills, flower-filled meadows and then the big sky country. The weather was tremendously varied: bright sunshine in between 5 or 6 rainshowers. During one rainshower we drove past a motor cycle gang driving without raingear - really cool! Their high handlebar bike style made them look like long-armed monkeys. We had a good laugh and were glad for driving in a car.
The visit to Neumuhle was theurapeutic for Dieter. He was able to put closure to questions he had about his year there in 1984-5. He would have many other things to say about this day.
We were glad to be back at Tante Karin and Onkel Klaus's home in Weisbaden. It was terrific to skype my mother and my sister who happened to be with her.

Construction company trademarks.

Evidence of a donation made to a charity.

This tradition is done on January 6, when the 3 kings came to visit Jesus.

Dieter meeting a young woman who had been a small child when he had been working in Neumuhle.
Dieter standing in front of the mission building in which he spent much of his time in 1984-5.
Do you see the sleep-walker on the roof? Quaint house decoration!
Cigarette machine along the sidewalk - found throughout Europe. A driver's license needs to be swiped before the machine will continue with a purchase.
Dieter meets with former Neumühle family: Rupert and Renate.

Dieter and Giesela Heer - reunion of former colleague as missionaries in Neumühle from 1983-1984.

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  1. Hello,
    I can imagine that it was therapeutic for you, to go back to this place, where you lived for about a year. I also was pator in Neumühle and worked there with my wife from 1993 to 1997. In this time, we laboured hard to build the new Church-Building. Unfortunately, Gisela H. and I became hard competitors, who could not harmonize their opinions. Cause she had the mightier friends, my wife and I left Neumühle. Since this time, I did not hear much from the people there. It is a joy to see the Photo with Renate and Berthold and the other impressions. When I remember back to the time there, it hurts to this day. 1997, I did not find many peaceful mennonites, who wanted to help us, to settle our case.
    When we left Neumühle, I again studied on theological Seminaries for further 3 years. Then in 2000 I became Pastor of a free evangelical Church in Cologne. Our Website:
    If you want, you can get in contact with me. I am interested in your story.
    God bless you
    Hermann Fritz