Saturday, May 15, 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010: Mountains, Farms, and Cart Ride

Monday, May 10, 2010 (Alexander). We wake up to rain falling on the roof of our cliff hanging hut. After a breakfast of bread and cheese, we climb up to the highest point of the cliff. Here we can see the border between France and Switzerland, separated by a river a huge cliffs. Most of the time we can't see the bottom because we are in the clouds. To get to the bathroom, we walk on a suspended steel grid look-through platform attached to the side of the cliff. If you look down all you see is the ground 40 metres below. After a long hike back to our car, we drive to Jean Pierre's goats, chickens, cows, and horses farm. We could see the huge Swiss Alps - Wow! These mountains are so high that you cannot see the tops. Most are covered in snow. Pierre goes chariot racing and has won many medals for his fast horses. As a special treat, he offers us to have a cart ride behind his two best racing horses down and up the mountain. As seen in the video, the horses move very quickly, so quickly that Pierre has to use the brakes on the cart. After the cart ride, we Pierre feed the goats. He gives goat cheese. Then we go flower picking with Sven in the meadows on the mountain. In amongst flower fields we pick special flowers for making tea. Sven shows us a very rare wild orchid of Switzerland, which are protected by law and cannot be picked. When we get back to the car at the farm, we saw a female horse being studded by one of Pierre's horse racing champion stallion. This was a very full day.

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