Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010 Mother's Day on the Rooftop of Switzerland

(Dieter). Enjoyed a Swiss French Mennonite church service with breakfast in honour of all the mothers. Enjoyed the service focusing on the story of Ruth and her strong faith, like that of a magnet. Returned to the farmhouse to discover a beautiful new foal (Nina is more than overjoyed - see her beaming face on the other side of the pony wall). Wow. Then for the surprise of our life thanks to Sven! Sven took us to one of his favorite sites - to the roof top of Switzerland - a rock climbing club's hut on the very top of a mountain, with an incredible panoramic view of the Swiss-France border. We celebrated with a cheese fondue and the remainder of various wines left behind by a climbing party. Our little mountain hut, built in 1939 with the purpose of preparing for a potential invasion during WWII, was surrounded by clouds. Our WC towered some 70 metres above ground, overlooking the treetops of the forest below. With a warm fire, we attempted to sleep next to the mountain rock to which the hut was anchored. What an incredible day! Talk about wonderful surprises. Thanks SVEN!

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  1. You guys are having too much fun...thanks for all the updates. WIsh we could have some of that cheese and the beer must be fantastic too!