Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010 Across the Lands, Over the Rivers in Quest of the Famous "two-lips"



(Dieter). Another day of traveling. Our next destination - Keukenhof world famous for its "two-lips". With great anticipation we travel the flat lands, across marshes and dammed fields of grassland and dairy cows, past amphibious cars, a VW Bug with trailer, round roundabouts, passed huge dams, over draw bridges, wind blown and crushed green houses, and on ferries to discover that the tulips are still not in bloom anywhere, but in the greenhouses of Keukenhof. We spend a couple of hours checking out the gardens, enjoying the hedge maze, the glass maze, and the greenhouses. Alexander and Karannina try their skills at river dancing, but get a little wet while dancing on the bridge. Each are rewarded with a piece of dutch "cheese" schnitzeled out of a piece of freshly carved wood (see video below). Then off to Gent Belgium, in search of the riverboat on the Schelde River for our next night's sleep. We are amazed at how our GPS can even find riverboat addresses. Thank goodness we do not totally follow the directions as the last metre ends in the river. Our handy (cellphone) doesn't seen to work. Discover that as we crossed the border, the battery needed to be removed and reconnected to eliminate the country memory??? We meet our new hosts and find our cosy beds below the water level and fantasize in our underwater world with dreams of water, sea creatures, and big river boats crashing into our hull.

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