Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturaday, April 10, 2010 Touching the North Sea

(Dieter) After a good night's sleep, we head off for Hattem to take in the bakery museum. Our expectations were blown away! Instead of a quick dash through the doors, we spent 1 hour walking from one room to the next. Karannina and Alexander got a chance to don on a set of baker's apron and hat and within minutes were in the dough, creating their masterpieces of traditional marzipan cookies with the chef, from a recipe that was as old as the building (1665). Then off to Pingium, far north in the province of Friesland, the little town known as home to Menno Simons. We found the monument and the new symbolic church structure to reflect the expanse and diversity of the Mennonites. Just below the hilled monument, we were attacked by a male swan protecting his mate and their two huge eggs. Then off to the open North Sea at Bergan an See to touch the sea, find hidden treasures that waves had driven on the beach, and watch kite-surfers harnessing the power of the wind to jump waves. Then back to Zvolle, past the many dykes that hold back the sea and the wind turbines transferring their energy into electricity. Once back, we packed our bags, cleaned our rooms and got ready for our last night sleep in the Netherlands.

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