Sunday, April 18, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010 Underwater and Underground Experiences

(Alexander) We wake up in a river houseboat. I had lots of wet dreams as my bed was under the water level (but I was dry). After breakfast, Captain Steve gives us a tour three river boats. I got to see a Sherman tank engine that was being used for one of the river boats and a John Deere engine that was used to generate ship power (electricity). He also showed us his floating hotel ($45,000USD/week for 8 people) that he would take people up different European rivers. Then we drove to Flanders Fields museum which showed it was like in World War I. I saw pictures of Christmas 1918 when soldiers from both sides stopped shooting each other and started sharing cigars, cigarettes, playing soccer and singing Christmas carols in German and English. When the commanders found out, they switched the soldiers so that they would do some more fighting and killing as the soldiers of that day couldn't fight each other. During the war, poisonous gases were used. I held one of the first machine guns that could kill many people in a minute. Karannina and I placed our hands on a medic who was giving hope to a dying soldier. After the museum tour, we saw a blue Lotus sports car. Then off to Passchendaele Dugout Museum where we went under ground into a dugout from World War I. I was scared touching the water pump that was used to pump out the water that came into the dugout and the tunneling cart used for digging out dirt. We also saw the underground beds with rats and mice. It smelled like rotting animals and was very dark and damp. Once we finish the museum tour, we drive to our new home (we had to pay lots of tolls) - Stone Cottage in Normandy in a town called Moulin du Tempel. Mommy is a great accommodation planner. The cottage is a wonderful place to live.

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