Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wednesday, March 3, 2010: Haircuts, Giants, and Pizza

(Sandra)I enjoy days that turn out better than anticipated. This was one of those. More Hausaufgaben (Acht du Schrek!) for the morning. I helped Alexander lower his ears - I gave him a haircut. Then he did the same for me - yikes! The theme of this year of 'letting go' is continuing - my house protectiveness, access to my closet of clothes, and now my son cutting my hair. Alexander expressed interest in cutting my hair that is becoming unmanageable, and so - why not - my hair will grow again. I quite like my new style - maybe this is how new styles are developed:)
The 'icing to the cake' came with the visit which Tante Karin arranged with her neighbours. This family has 3 children, two of which are similar ages as Alexander and Karannina. A beautifully set table welcomed us. The raspberry/cream jelly roll was delicious. The visit was magnificent. A truly fantastic language and cultural experience was enjoyed by all of us. The five children enjoyed playing and communicating in English and German and maybe a little French. Karannina and Alexander's daily travel journals provided many questions and laughter. There are hopes for Karannina and Alexander to visit a German school via this family and their school contacts. Back at Tante Karin's and Onkel Klaus's we enjoyed a margherita-type pizza. Tante Karin and I again enjoyed a deep conversation, both improving our languages of study.
Photos coming soon.

(Dieter). Finally a chance to sleep in. Worked on a number of projects, manuscripts, and future presentations. Missing my family.Confirmed my airport transportation, flights, and counting the final hours before flying "home" to meet my family (tomorrow). Read the newspaper the first time this morning. Feel torn. My heart wants to go to Chile to help. My mind is actively processing my next strategies for the upcoming site visits in Europe and preparations for candidating as the next associate dean for the Faculty of Dentistry. I am one of other candidates. Most of my faculty who attended ADEA are fully supportive of my application. I would love to find a way to bring a spirit of unity into our Faculty. It is desperately needed. Enjoyed a seafood lunch and was almost eaten by the Potomac River Sand giant. Eagles were watching me carefully, every step I made. One more sleep and then my journey back to Europe to join my family. Absence sure makes the heart fonder.

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