Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tuesday, March 2, 2010 Easter Decorating, Hair Dying and Curling

(Alexander)Eating breakfast we hear the door bell ring and it is Daisy (dad's cousin). She has a day off so she cleans Tante Karin and Onkel Klaus feet (she cleans feet as her job) with a razor to scape off the skin. Daisy dyes Tante Karin's hair blond and curls Nina's hair. We clean the house while Tante Karin is gone. Onkel Klaus show me a chicken shooting game on the computer and I play it over and over again while Karannina sets up the Easter decorations with Tante Karin. Doing home work we finish our paragraph writing for school. Then Onkel Klaus turns on the TV and we watch Mr. bean until we have to go to bed.

(Dieter) Two more sleeps and then back with my family. Had my last three presentations today. Two Lunch and Learns (one on Gaming in Teaching Dentistry and the other on Rubric Desalign for Dentistry Classes) and one New Idea (Oral Systemic Health Courses Globally). Met with my sabbatical mentor and planned the next three months of academic activities. Made important connections with MOOG (haptic device and flight simulation experts) and ACTA (Amsterdam School of Dentistry) with plans of site visits with them in Amsterdam some time in April 2010. Finished the evening with the ADEA presidential reception (free food). The band played some wonderful tunes from ABBA to hip-hop. Wish Sandra and the children could have been here.

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