Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monday, March 1, 2010: Olympics and Hausaufgaben

(Dad, reporting half-live from Capitol Hill). Missing my family. Tried to be busy today. Had two meetings, made two Lunch and Learn presentations, and three poster presentations - see below for a few pics (one is with my Italian Dean - boss and Casey). These presentations were done with colleagues (I am taking most pics). Then checked out the haptic dental devices which I am exploring as part of my sabbatical. I have an invite to visit one of the top European dental schools - ACTA in the Netherlands. Then off to a site visit of Howard University Dental School in Washington DC (and a free shirt). The time passed by quickly. Just three more sleeps and a long flight and then back with Sandra, Karannina, and Alexander.

(Alexander)Internationally watching the closing of the Olympics; we hear it being translated from English/French from Canada to German in Germany back to English by my Tante Karin.
Another highlight was cleaning up the yard with a cool pushing tool used to sweep up needles and leaves. After cleaning the yard we have a delicious lunch of soup and leaf overs. After the delicious lunch we get down and do homework. Acht du Schrek! Hausaufgaben! Doing all this home work we go to Aldis with Onkel Klaus. We have fun putting empty bottles in to the recycling machine and receive discounts on the groceries. Another fun thing to do at Aldis is push a button to get buns (Brötchen). After a fun day we go to bed.

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