Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010 Pirates, Wind Storm, and Olympics

Hey Dad, can you beat our experiences? We went to church and observed the baptism of an infant. The baby boy was dressed in a big lacy dress. The priest dipped his hands in the water from a gold baptism bowl and poured the water on the baby's head. After walked back from church, Tante Karin made a delicious smoked fish meal (see her cutting the fish) with bread. In the afternoon, Alexander and Mom went for a walk and had a hard time lifting their feet as the wind got stronger. There were few people walking on the field. A big Christmas tree blew over the fence and across the field. We experienced the biggest wind storm that Germany and Europe has ever experienced. Three Germans died from the wind storm, one walker (not in our area) who was hit by a falling tree. On the coast of France people died from a major flood. The winds here blew so hard that we could hear it whistling through the window, a few tiles on the roof came off and the Satellite Dish was spun around. Onkel Klaus braved the storm, climbed the roof and moved the dish so that we could watch the Olympics game. Thanks Onkel Klaus - Yeah Canada, what an exciting hockey game. Dad, did you get to watch the game in Washington, DC?

(Dieter). Busy day which helped pass the time. Lots of meetings. Great to see people from my workplace. Seems that this time away from them has increased my respect from them (no pics). A launching of the new website for the organization that I am spending my sabbatical with (see: Amazing presentation from a photographic artist who helps capture visually the consumerism of us north americans - check it out: Got to see the final hockey game, but missed the closing ceremonies. Seems that the Olympics is not a celebrated event here in the US.

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