Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010 WurstDay

(Karannina). More homework today. Then we went to a home where they make and sell smoked wurst. In order to smoke the wurst, they made a fire underneath the container and the smoke came up inside the stainless steel vat. Dad surprised us when he Skyped us. We hadn't put the camera on! Since we haven't had exercise for a while, we went out for a walk with Tante Karin. Alex brought his new soccer ball to play with. We passed it back and forth while a cold, strong north wind was pushing us and the ball around. We came back, exhausted and 'hid' in our 'hideout' while mom made granola. In the evening we watched 'Upps' (Oops in English) which shows video clips that happened by accident. We all laughed til our muscles hurt!

(Dieter). No more sleeps - just one short and long flight and Lord willing, I will be reunited with my family. Wonderful time to get ahead on my many academic projects. This meeting has been useful providing me with many new ideas that I hope to incorporate into my future work. Time for some breakfast and then off to the airport.

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