Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010: WhiteWinterwonderland

Jan.3, 2010. A wonderful, white, winter, wonderland greeted us this morning - a grand surprise. Walking to church was great fun, with flying snow coming and going all along. Giggles nearly got the best of me during the church service when Alexander saw the word 'Kraft' in the gesangbuch and said "yummy - kraft dinner". The snow fun continued after church, with the zenith of this was in the creative form of a snow catepillar, man, and ultimately, a snow sphinx. Great fun with the sticky snow. Upon going inside, Tante Karin greeted us to a feast for our noses, eyes and palate - schnitzel, spaghetti, and grilled vegies - Lecker! Fernsehr entertainment filled the remainder of the day - New Zealand whale research movie for Dieter and Sandra and Tante Karin, and a Go-go-gadget animation for Karannina and Alexander (both movies in German). We are beginning to think in German. What a bizzare brain change.

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  1. that is awesome that your german skills are so good that you ca waatch movies already! i love how you had a snow sphinx bc of your recent visit to egypt :) haha