Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2, 2010: The Day Afer

Jan. 02, 2010 (Karannina):First we have a German breakfast of brot, jellee, kase, marmelada, and peppermint tea. Then Onkel Klaus took us shopping and I got to return a plastic bottle a different way than in Canada. I placed the bottle into a automatic machine that gave us a coupon/refund for the next purchase. Alexander pressed the button on a fresh bakery machine, the selected fresh baked hot buns fell onto a rack, and I grabbed them and placed them in a bag. We also got some nutela – Yay! Next we drove to a ‘bauernhof’ (farm) to get apples and fresh eggs. The sweet rich aroma of apples came to my nose while the farmer opened the door of the cooler. Then we walked to a warm bakery to pick up warm white buns. Dad was invite to drive Onkel Klaus’ new BMW to the next store where we bought cauliflower and mushrooms. I came out of the store and race Alexander to the vehicle, but stopped at a Mercedes, and not the BMW. Onkel Klaus laughed and dad said I had expensive taste. Dad continued driving, this time he was asked to drive on the autobahn, and he drove the car much faster. We drove back home. Dad had a siesta while everyone else was busy doing their own thing. Then dad got to drive another older BMW with us to the cemetery. We looked decorated headstones of many graves and visited and placed flowers on the gravesite of Onkel Klaus’ mom and dad. At the exit to the cemetery, we a saw statue of little angel holding flowers. On top of the flowers, someone placed two marzipan pigs. We tried to eat them, but mom and dad would not let us. Back home we had tea and cookies while watching Oliver and Sabrina’s wedding pictures and Onkel Klaus and Tante Karin’s travel to Namibia. Then for supper we enjoyed Tait de Moine (round cheese) and made cheese flowers with a knife that cuts cheese in a round-about. Then we went to bedzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

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