Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Jan 01, 2010: The Freezing and Steaming Adventure

Jan 01, 2010 (Alexander). Since going to bed at 0230, we ate brunch as 1130ish. We drove the route that the Baron Nassau took by horse and carriage to his castle and where he was born, on the Rhine River. While walking through the garbage on the prominade from New Year’s eve, we saw one ambulance, one rescue unit, one river patrol boat and one helicopter searching. I picked up many firework ‘leftovers’ that have not been burnt. Karannina played her magical air flute with the flute boy and we both stood underneath the stone that said “Richard Wagner completed his music exam.” Mommy explained that he inspired many others to write about their thoughts and he was a famous composer for opera. I hope to sing one of his operas one day. Next we drove to the famous healing Roman hot springs. We drank the steaming salty sulfur mineral water from the springs, warmed our hands by touching the sulfur on the volcano like rock, and warmed our legs on the steaming manholes. The smell brought back memories of Rotorua New Zealand. Dad sat on a metal bicycle asking Karannina to take a picture quickly because it was very, very cold. We went back and enjoyed a meal of ‘lucky’ sauerkraut (because it is thought to bring you money for the next year), sausages, and mashed potatoes. And then watched a thrilling moving of Robinhood. Then we went to bed at 0030.

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