Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 27, 2010 Natural Museum and Wet in the Rain

January 27, 2010: (Sandra) Up with Dieter and took care of e-mails, journal, etc. Karannina and Alexander slept in till 10, since we had a late night with the Millar family yesterday. After a bowl of porridge and dried fruit, we set out for the Natural Museum (free:)) The building is spectacular regarding its architecture! The contents of the museum is simply mind-boggling! The main drawing card for us was the newly developed Charles Darwin Centre. This is a centre for learning about being curious, making collections of specimens and working with data in the scientific world, just as Charles did. Other highlights for me were the display of hundreds of humming birds; the cathedral-sized room containing rocks, minerals, and 'the vault'; the Richter scale demonstration of an earthquake (thinking about Haiti); and the focus on humans - physical development, memory, and learning. We set out from the museum early in the afternoon, with the intention of seeing Madame Tussuad's wax place. However, the cost was not feasible, the features appeared beyond the age of Karannina and Alexander, and the advertised 'half-price' did not appear available (next available time to book these tickets online would be in March). Becoming wet and cold from the long walk in the rain did not help with the disappointment. The tube ride back to LMC included picking up a local free newspaper. Alexander and Karannina wanted my newspaper, but since I was not finished with mine, I picked up one beside me and handed it to them. At the end of the tube ride I saw x-rated photos in their newspaper and was amazed! I had passed on an x-rated newspaper to my own children. I had to laugh. We had interesting discussions during the walk from the tube to LMC. For our evening meal, we ate lentil, tomato chili and rice in Mediterranean wraps, a spinach salad, and watched the movie, Casper.

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