Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 26, 2010: Dragons, Greek Bowls, and Bottles



January 26, 2010: (Alexander) Starting the day off with porridge, we skipped to the metro. Once we get to the station called Russel Square we glide across till we finally get to the British museum. We zoom through the Egyptian exhibit but stop to see the real Rosetta stone. This stone unlocked the secrets to hieroglyphics and the language of hieroglyphics. In the Greek exhibit, we see bowls and bottles with myths and pictures of kings and queens (Nike: goddess of victory). Next we go to the clock exhibit. The first clock we see is old and fascinating. We also see different kinds of clocks such as alarm clocks that light candles, clocks that shoot canons and play music, and clocks that uses a little marble to keep time. The last place we go to is the North American exhibit where a a school girl with her class was drawing a picture of a Canadian artifact. We thought this was cool because she was drawing a picture of where we come from and so we took a picture of her and us together. Then we zoom to the metro. On route to pick up daddy (who slayed the dragon at work and discovered his office was very close to the original Twinings Tea Company built in 1706), we buy dessert for the Millars (a family that mom and dad met in Italy) at Hotel Chocolate. We pick up daddy and walk back to the train station to hope on to a smooth ride to the millers and get a wonderful meal of chicken, salad, potato and broccoli bean pea and a dessert of chocolate and lemon tart. we say good bye as we hope onto the train to high gate at 11:30 and Zzz.

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