Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 18, 2010: London Bridge is Falling Down...

(Alexander) Waking up at 2:00 AM we get ready to go to Frankfurt/Hann airport. (Fact: Frankfurt Hann air port is 1hour away from Frankfurt) when we arrive we go through the airport till we find the Ryan air booking area. It is closed so we play bouncy ball till it opens. Once we get through at 3:30 we wait till 6:00. We fly to London Standsted airport and hop on a bus to Golders Green then take an underground Metro to High Gate. Once we get there we walk to the London Mennonite Centre. After a long nap, we head for the London museum where we get a quiz. Inside we see how London was formed (I got to wear a coat that children once wore). The first people in London came from Africa. Next we go to the London Bridge and get onto it and walked across it. When we were in the middle of the drawbridge, with one foot on either side of the gap, we felt the buses shake the bridge as they drove by. We got to touch the London Bridge's beam with lots of bolts. Once we get across we see a strange building that looks like a beehive - the London City Hall - and the art around it (e.g., the egg). After a tiring evening of walking many miles, we stroll to the metro to go our home in Highgate London and fall asleep.

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