Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 17, 2010: An "Unusual Day"

January 17, 2010: (Karannina) We had another wonderful egg breakfast(I had some fun twirlling honey on to my toast). We fast-walked to church as fast as we could but we were a little late. As we walked back home, Alex and I were having a slush/snowball fight as it was raining and we saw a "smoked leg" up in a tree at a humour musuem. At lunch Sabrina and Oliver came over. We had wonderful baked chicken (Delicious!) and potatoes (Mmmmm!). For dessert we had pudding/cream of wheat with a hot cherry sauce on top. I played on my DSi while the adults talked. We also had cookies and tea with Sabrina and Oliver. Before going to bed at 9:00pm, Alex and I watched a documentary film about bees (in German).

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