Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 16, 2010 Hühnfelden, Horses, and Hoar Frost

(Dieter): Another dump of snow and a good workout to reduce my spare tire. Tante Karin and I left earlier this morning to pick up my cousin Daisy from the trainstop and then off to purchase fresh buns at the bakery (a common task for many Germans). We enjoyed a feast of different colours and tastes of jams. The food here at Nonn's has been absolutely amazing! Tante Karin is an amazing chef. Almost every day there is a new meal with wonderful tastes. We drove Daisy to her clinic (she is a foot medic). Today Tante Karin baked a Sandkuchen for Onkel Dieter. I got to taste some of it - wow! It melted in my mouth! Got to get that recipe. We then made arrangements to drive to Hühnfelden to visit my other relatives. Oliver was very kind to allow me to drive his BMW. What a wonderful car - excellent condition and powerful engine. We picked up Daisy from her clinic and drove her to Hünfelden. The children enjoyed using the GPS as we navigated up 400 metre mountain and were pleasantly surprised by white decorated trees (hoar-frost) and deer in a meadow. We enjoyed a timely visit with Onkel Dieter, Tante Inge, my cousings, Annette and Dietma and their children Tessa and Timi. I am amazed at how Dietma has taken what he learned from his father, Dieter, and has become a master in his trade. Also am impressed at how Annette and Dietma have worked as a team to build their horse farm, where they take care of 11 of their own horses and a number of horses from others. We discovered that Annette and her daughter, Tessa are horse whispers. We watched in amazement at their skill as we walked through a herd of various horse breeds. One horse proceeded to eat my camera strap and Karannina came to my rescue. The horse barns and paddocks were amazingly clean. Dietma has figured out a way through the use of building materials to ensure that the ground on which the horse walk, is always clean and free from becoming a mud hole. After a tour of their property, their animals and their Scottish long horn cows, a warming of our frozen toes with a industrial heator, we made it back to our car and off to Wiesbaden. Sandra and I are grateful for a GPS - what a marriage saver. We found our way back to Oliver and Sabrina's place without any detours - amazing little gadget. The children again had fun from their back seats, encouraging us when to slow down, when to turn and how many more minutes to our destination. At Oliver's and Sabrina's we enjoyed a feast of homemade pizza and current wine - Oliver has inherited his mother's tastes in food - what a delicious feast and then to top of the meal, a cool display of ice-cream with in the shape of stars drizzled with chocolate. A ride back home and into bed - sweat dreams as the rain began to fall.

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