Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 15, 2010 (S) Laundry, Schierstein Harbour, and Quiche

January 15, 2010:(Sandra) I'm becoming more familiar with the washing machine @ Tante Karin and Onkel Klaus's place - 3 loads, mostly dark coloured :) Karannina and Alexander were thrilled to hear 'Poker Face' from Onkel Klaus' computer while they were brushing their teeth and singing the same song in the neighbouring room - sehr niedlich! Onkel Klaus took us to the Schierstein Harbour where we enjoyed feeding the ducks - oops, we were not supposed to do this. Karannina bought a book at an outdoor library. We enjoyed throwing snow and ice into the water. We even had a little game of hitting snowballs with pieces of ice. Onkel Klaus brought us to a car rental place to see and get more information about the rental car we will be using for three months (March, April, May). Upon returning, we were greeted with the familiar aroma of Tante Karin's bean soup, which was thoroughly enjoyed by us. More packing and laundry and the creation of a large broccoli/pepper/ham quiche.

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