Saturday, January 16, 2010

January 12, 2010: Snow, More Snow - No Sunshine :(

Under snow again with -2C. Seems like the sun doesn't shine in Germany. We might need a few more Following another hearty German breakfast, more trip planning, we thoroughly cleaned the driveway and sidewalk (law requires that each owner is responsible for clearing the snow from sidewalks in front of their yards). We enjoyed a wonderful lunch of Bratwurst, potatoes, kohl (cabbage) and gravy followed with Griesbrei (tapioca pudding) with plums, cinnamon and vanilla sugar. We all have gained at least 2kgs. This looks great on K & A, but we two adults are faced with the challenge of fitting into our clothes. Tante Karin took us schaufensterbummeling downtown Wiesbaden. We created music on a foot instrument (see video) in the middle of the sidewalk, discovered great sales on clothing (but we have no room in our small suitcases) and how expensive a pair of jeans are (120Euros = almost $200), two libraries with books on the various places we had seen first hand (Guttenberg press, the Sphinx, the Roman warships), shops with costumes for "Fasching", another sulfur smelling fountain, gummy shop and of course a "Back Factory" that served fresh pastry. Back to our home we enjoyed a variety of leftovers - our thoughts of continuing our journey are challenged by the wonderful food, hospitality, fellowship and the cozy beds at the Nonns.

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