Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 13, 2010: Customs, Clothes and (Flash) Cards

(Alexander): Breakfast was super with brödchen, holunder jam, Nutela, and cream cheese. The morning proceeded with "hausaufgabe" of subtraction flashcards, got caught up with journal entries, reading about traveling in Italy, England, and Germany, finished the travel summary paragraphs for school. I got to do some subtraction practice on my DSI. After lunch we dressed up with the customs from the Tante Karin and got pictures of them. I wore a new year's hat with glasses and a robe with a Michael Jackson glove. One of them was a bowtie that squirted water. We had an interesting meal of sauerbraten: meat marinized four two days in vinegar, herbs and spices, with klössen (dumplings). Karannina and Mommy dressed up in dresses from a neighbour and modeled them to everyone. Mom and dad visited with people who gave information about traveling in Germany while we went to bed.

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