Monday, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010: Swimming, Swimming in The Ocean Blue!

January 11, 2010: (Karannina) This morning we went swimming in Roman Thermal Baths! To get into the building you need to buy a bracelet with a metal chip that you would use like money to buy food and to open your locker. You can even go swimming with it on! The mineral water is from the volcanic springs under the ground. It tasted disgusting like the mineral water that we drank many days ago. In the pool there were these bubble beds where you would lie on your back and cold bubbles would squirt on your back. There were seats that spewed high-pressure bubbles, the pressure was so strong that you had to get a grip on the railing around the seats; otherwise you would risk getting lifted out of the water. There was a bright light under the water in the middle of the seats, which changed colors. There were huge spouts that shot water out like jets, like a sink/spout, cold water would “massage” you. There were also some bubble jets that shot bubbles from the floor of pool. There are small under water fountains from which the mineral water flowed into the pool. We played Tag under water, caught our bubbles under water, “played” Harry Potter: going in and out through the bubble jets, doing hand stand walks between the bubble jets, Search & Find the yellow diving ring, and play “fighting” with each other. The most exciting part was swimming from the indoor pool through a channel under two bridges into the outdoor pool. Here we experienced swimming under falling snowflakes. Dad was a little crazy lifting us (including mom) out of the water where we felt the frosty air and were kissed by hundreds of soft arctic snowflakes. We giggled and thrashed around until Dad dropped us back into the warm water. We had a lot of fun!

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  1. finally got a chance to catch up!
    so much fun. great pictures and great stories everyone.
    loved seeing the Happyland breakfast again.
    looks like you're enjoying the snow, we still don't have all that much here but we'll manage somehow.
    stay well, keep warm, keep taking lots of pictures.