Monday, January 11, 2010

January 10, 2010: No theme, popourri

January 10, 2010: (Sandra) Snow yet again - not a problem - an opportunity to create a pyramid to keep the sphinx company. We had a lovely snow-fun walk/run to/from church this morning. We read from our copy 'Unser Vater' from Tante Karin during the service and felt more a part of the service. Dieter and I had the opportunity to cook for the six of us again: today was Chinese chicken and Thai chicken cashew. Delicious! Tante Karin pulled out the box of costumes for Karannina and Alexander while Dieter and I were cooking - a clown with a water-squirting bowtie and a Netherland woman came for a visit. We built a lebkucken house and decorated it. Tante Karin pulled out photo albums and we looked through a few - wonderful stories and memories. We watched the movie Adam and Eve - in German. The German vocabulary is growing steadily.

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