Monday, January 11, 2010

January 9, 2010: Mexican, Movies, and Monsieur Matthew

January 9, 2010: (Alexander): After breakfast, we shoveled snowed. It almost feels like home with all the snow and cold winter air. Karannina and I did our homework in the morning. I practiced my subtraction, worked on my journal, and paragraph writing. We got our reward for doing our homework, by watching Knight Rider (this was hard to watch because it was all in German and felt like school). We set the table and ate Mexican taco salad. We watched the best movie ever: "les enfant de la class de Monsieur Matthew". The story was about a music teacher who went to a reform school for bad boys or boys didn't have parents. By using music, he taught the boys how to sing in a choir which changed their lives for the good (see:

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