Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 22: Playmobile Heaven & Weinachtsmarkt

December 22, 2009 (Alexander). In the morning we went shopping at Alda for orange and apple juice with bubbles (gas). We were fascinated with the bakery machine that had many types of bread were you would press a button and then that kind of bread would come out. Then we discovered Playmobile in the hidden cupboard. We took out so many different playmobile toys that it covered half of the floor. In the evening we went to the Weinachtsmarkt by bus. We saw exhibits of different things to buy: stone cuttings, candy canes, food (bratworst), ornaments, smoking figurines (hedgehog, santa claus, mushrooms). We ate bratworst, we drank Gluwein, and nibbled on roasted chestnuts. We went on a carousel. Karannina wanted to ride on a horse that went up and down and I wanted to go with mommy on a spinning cup with a steering wheel in the middle. We saw the world's largest coocoo-clock.

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