Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 21: My Birthday Celebration in 2 Countries

December 21, 2009 (Dieter). It's my birthday and I get to celebrate it in two countries and two different continents with my family - what a wonderful treat. Started in Cairo, as we awoke to the morning call to prayer from the larger Muslim prayer tower close to our hostel. A hair-raising trip to the airport as we once more find ourselves in traffic that welcomes more cars than there are lanes. Our route to the airport is lines with policemen and soldiers. Feel somewhat like a dignitary, but realize that the president of the country is about to arrive and that security is key to ensure his safety from the airport to the palace (the same route that we are taking). At the airport we are pulled over in security as our luggage is thoroughly searched for what seems to be a machine-gun (Karannina's flute) and a knife (Alexander's mouth harmonica). We are welcomed to enjoy the AirEgypt lounge as part of my BD celebrations as we wait for our delayed flight to Frankfurt. After a wonderful flight and long snooze, we arrive in Frankfurt, are the first to clear customs and to receive all our luggage. I am surprised by my uncle Klaus and aunt Karin who adorn me with a candy heart. A taxi ride takes us to our new home in Wiesbaden. The celebrations continue as I enjoy the company of family and the Nonns with a rum-cake and the familar german BD song of my parents ("Ich freue mich das ich geboren bin und hab gerburstag heute..."). Off to bed. What a day. Celebrating my birthday in the homeland of our forefathers.

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