Monday, December 21, 2009

December 20: Luxor - Cairo, Egypt

Dec. 20, 2009 (Karannina): Mom and I woke up and saw many fields, some banana, sugar cane, lots of rice, caulifower, bamboo and many more that we didn't identify. There were trees such as eucalypus/gum, pine, banana, and palm. Animals such as donkey, camel/dromodairy, cats, dogs, oxen, were either resting or working. Dad got frustrated when our porter said our stop was early, so we got up early. When we were waiting by the door, another porter said it wasn't 'till an hour and a half. Only when Dad asked our porter again, he said it was later. I took a nap while Dad took pictures from his window. We stopped at our station at 09:30ish. Dad got off the train the "cool way" while the train was still moving (not a smart idea when you have a heavy pack on your back). From the train station we trekked to the Magy Hotel. We hit the hay (I didn't since I took a nap on the train). Once we woke up we saw the dignitary (President of Egypt) going on the highway overpass close to our Hotel. There were many policemen at along the street and the main traffic was not allowed to travel. Close to our Hotel there was a bakery. We bought a few goods there. After we walked to the Egyptian Museum. It was amazing! We saw tons of statues, hyrogliphics, gods, pet mummies/mummification, Greek/Roman influences, and even the contents from King Tut's tomb (He's famous for the most complete tomb ever found)! Dad was caught "paper rubbing" the sarcophoguses by the museum security and asked to stop. I was very scared because I thought for sure that Dad would need to go to jail. He just received a warning not to do it again. We came back to our Hotel and slept.

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  1. so neat guys! Your pics look really awesome! Merry Early Christmas!